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INWIT's DAS lights up the Biathlon World Championships

News - 13/02/2020
The micro antennas located in the Sudtirol Arena Alto Adige and along the race routes will ensure perfect reception of mobile phone signals and the seamless use of social media and video to over 150 thousand expected spectators.

From 13 to 23 February, Anterselva, a splendid location in Trentino-Alto Adige, will host the Biathlon World Championships, the Olympic discipline where athletes compete in two specialties simultaneously: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

The Biathlon World Championships rank among the most attractive events in winter sports. Since 1958, the year of its first edition, the championship has experienced growing enthusiasm, drawing fans from all over the world.

In this world-class sporting context, INWIT, the leading company in Italy for mobile telephony infrastructures, has installed a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) system that will guarantee spectators, athletes and organisers outstanding mobile connectivity in an alpine area, where cell phones usually struggle for connection. 

Faster infrastructure for the Sudtirol Arena 

INWIT will rely on its DAS to ensure maximum indoor coverage in the Sudtirol Arena Alto Adige, where thousands of spectators will enjoy the excellent connectivity provided by our infrastructures, but also to provide excellent outdoor solutions, which will boost mobile device performance even in crowded areas outside the main building. 

INWIT's technology will help viewers make the best use of the mobile signal of the main Italian operators, including the roaming service for foreign users.

Immersed in a dense agenda of event activities, biathlon fans can seamlessly access their social networks, without problems or limitations, sharing thereby the emotions of the Anterselva championships in real time.

INWIT connects the Biathlon world championships

This year's edition, hosted for the sixth time by the municipality of Anterselva, is poised to continue the tradition of the world championships as regards entertainment and performance, with 350 biathletes from 40 countries.

Confirming the growing enthusiasm around the Biathlon discipline, 150,000 people will travel to Italy to follow the event, which will be covered by 17 television broadcasters and 350 accredited journalists for an audience of 130 million viewers. 

As per tradition, the municipality of Anterselva has offered the splendid Sudtirol Arena Alto Adige, a state-of-the-art facility with 3,000 seats and thousands of standing places, approved cross-country trails, nurseries for future biathletes, restaurants and conference room.

With these impressive credentials, this facility represents the natural home for biathletes and fans of the sport. The Medal Plaza nearby will not only host the opening ceremony and the medal award ceremony, but also the Biathlon Village, a complex devoted to entertainment throughout the event.

For the entire event, all participants will be able to make the best use of PCs, tablets, mobile phones and any other mobile device thanks to INWIT's mobile infrastructures.